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    Equivalent statements to matrix A is orthogonal

    A is orthogonal if the A^{-1} = A^{T}. Thus, AA^{T} = I. However, is the statement A is orthogonal equivalent to A^{2}=I. I don't think the statements are equivalent, but it comes from a test. Thus, I'd hope the test is correct.
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    Covariance Matrix of a Vector Random Variable w/ Components Related

    1. Homework Statement Given X=ZU+Y where (i) U,X,Y, and Z are random variables (ii) U~N(0,1) (iii) U is independent of Z and Y (iv) f(z) = \frac{3}{4} z2 if 1 \leq z \leq 2 , f(z)=0 otherwise (v) fY|Z=z(y) = ze-zy (i.e. Y depends conditionally...
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    Types of Convergence of the DTFT & Relation to Summability of x[n]

    Given a discrete time signal x[n] that has a DTFT (which exists in the mean square convergence or in the uniform convergence sense), how can we tell if the signal x[n] converges absolutely? I know the following: x[n] is absolutely summable <=> X(e^{j \omega}) converges uniformly (i.e...