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    Circuit Problem

    1. Homework Statement This is the circuit in question. # 31. R1-R3 = 2 Ohms R4=16Ohms R5= 8 Ohms R6=4Ohms i6=1.4Amps 2. Homework Equations V=i*R 3. The Attempt at a Solution I see R5 and R6 as being in series, therefore r5*i6=11.2V r6*i6=5.6V Then I add them...
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    Linear and Angular Momentum (conservation of)

    Hi all, I have been working on this problem all night and although it should be easy, I can not seem to get the correct answer as in the back of the book. 1. Homework Statement A uniform, thin rod of length .5m and a mass of 4kg can rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis...