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  1. neosoul

    Testing Preparing for Physics Preliminary Exams & Retaking PGRE

    Yeah I have good grades, one paper, great research experience and awesome letters of recommendation (thanks to research experience :D).... I guess I was just trying to prove something to myself...
  2. neosoul

    Testing Preparing for Physics Preliminary Exams & Retaking PGRE

    PF: So here is the situation. I scored really really low on my Physics GRE. Honestly, I didn't prepare for it as much as I should have. I feel that I have legitimate reasons (one being that around that time, I was being stalked and kept going to security at my school but they said they really...
  3. neosoul

    Programs Black physics major - grad admissions

    Hi, everyone. I really, really want to go to graduate school. My focus will be AMO and I'm aiming for a PhD. However, I've looked through a lot of forums to see how others fared when offers rolled around. I also use this as a way to set goals. The problem is: I can't find a lot of people like me...
  4. neosoul

    Master's or PhD in Nuclear Engineering & more advice

    Thank you so much for responding. It was very helpful. I really want to just go for a masters but I was so worried about what my family and teachers would think. My teachers want me to go because they think it is best for me. My family just has very high expectations of me. However, I am not...
  5. neosoul

    Master's or PhD in Nuclear Engineering & more advice

    PF, I am a junior physics major hoping to work in nuclear engineering. The problem is that I would like to stay in school to get a PhD. I have a love of learning. However, I would like to get a Master's degree to start working and making a living earlier. I would not like to work in academia...
  6. neosoul

    Transferring from Physics to Engineering

    I'm a physics major looking forward to applying to a joint JD/MSc program OR PhD program. After participating in an internship, I realized that becoming a research scientist is not something I may want to do but I still would like to work with science. That being said, I would consider the...
  7. neosoul

    Thermal physics junior or senior year

    I am registered for Thermal Physics for this year (my junior year). The online curriculum advises physics majors to take it fall of their senior year. (The class isn't offered in the spring.) I am taking 3 other physics classes as well. I felt inclined to take thermal this fall because I wanted...
  8. neosoul

    Post your 2015 fall class schedule

    Stating August 24 General Chemistry II + Lab Ordinary Diff Equations Thermal Physics Modern Physics Theoretical Mechanics Math Methods of Physics & Chem I
  9. neosoul

    Schools Do Graduate schools care about length of undergraduate career

    Thanks! I could have already started taking classes in engineering but I was afraid that I wouldn't graduate with my friends or being afraid of what they would think. I started to realize that I was putting peers before education and that it was an insecure, immature thought.
  10. neosoul

    Schools Do Graduate schools care about length of undergraduate career

    Hey PF, I'm currently double majoring in engineering and physics. I want to be a licensed engineer and go on to grad school to study molecular engineering or something similar. However, I love my physics department. It's smaller so students get more funding and attention and way more...
  11. neosoul

    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    Would former experimental research scientists be preferred by those looking to hire patent attorneys? What about people with physics BSc & engineering PhD?
  12. neosoul

    Schools What to do in the summer between undergrad and grad school?

    My parents didn't even want me to go to New Mexico, and I'm from a Mississippi and 20 years old. I went anyway because it's not like traveling outside of the country, but I understand exactly where you are coming from. I would look into some internships or keep saving for Europe. One physics...
  13. neosoul

    Engineering What Does One Consider An Engineer

    I'm a physics major looking forward to entering a molecular engineering PhD program. Would I not be considered an engineer because of my BS in physics? Would I be able to be licensed as someone with some engineering BS or be payed less?
  14. neosoul

    Getting Accepted into Joint PhD/JD Program

    PF Family, What is a good way to increase my chances of getting into a joint PhD/JD program. I'm physics major with a 3.86 GPA, a rising junior, and have plenty of math electives (if that helps). I am currently in an REU program at my school, and we are doing climate modeling. I am also doing...
  15. neosoul

    Schools Independent Study as Preparation for Grad School

    Thanks. I've already done research on the professor's research interest and already know who I will ask. I think this is a great way to develop a strong relationship with a teacher, as well. It will also allow me formally study an area of physics not taught at our school.
  16. neosoul

    Schools Independent Study as Preparation for Grad School

    Thanks. That's a good idea.
  17. neosoul

    Schools Independent Study as Preparation for Grad School

    PF Family, I love my undergraduate institution. However, our physics department is very small and has a very small faculty. Also, although many are listed on the webpage, we only have one physics elective, "Intro to Astronomy", which I am not very interested in. I've been thinking about...
  18. neosoul

    Best way to use solution manual to learn

    I agree with quantumcurt. It is best for you to use it if and only if you just absolutely cannot solve a problem that you have tried to solve numerous times. It's very helpful, too. In fact my best Calculus teacher encourages me to not resort to solutions manuals, and stay away from Schaum's...
  19. neosoul

    Studying Do you do all the problems in a textbook?

    I try to do as many problems as I can. Then, I get a more advanced textbook or go to my teacher for more challenging problems.
  20. neosoul

    Schools Do you need high school physics to study physics?

    No, you don't. It would be useful but not completely necessary. My high school was a very small one in a small town. We didn't have enough funding for physics classes, teachers, etc. When I went to college, I wanted to know more about physics and be challenged by it. I decided to major in it...
  21. neosoul

    Insights Guide to Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals - Comments

    What I've been looking and waiting for. THANKS!
  22. neosoul

    Mathematics for Physics

    Usually, undergraduate physics programs offer a course in Mathematical Methods for physics. I would recommend Mary Boas. Still, don't focus so much on mathematics that you don't understand why it is useful in physics.
  23. neosoul

    2015 Summer Internships Thread

    I arrive in Los Alamos on the 31st and start my REU on June 1. I'm so nervous just thinking about it but I know it'll be something I won't regret
  24. neosoul

    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    I'm actually not driven by making patents anyway. I would like to work for (and later establish and manage) a research form that does some research for bigger companies. Thanks for your response. I've been looking for someone that could give me a great answer based on their knowledge and...
  25. neosoul

    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    I'm considering becoming a patent attorney or patent agent, but I have a dilemma. Currently, I'm a rising junior. I want to get accepted into a PhD program in experimental condensed matter physics. I look forward to being able to work in a lab daily, and making "groundbreaking" discoveries. I...
  26. neosoul

    Programs Physics Major or Math Major

    I've been in that position. I started out as a mathematics major and a physics major, then I switched to physics believing that it was more challenging. It is, but that is just my opinion. The reason I stayed in physics is because the physics department at my school has more opportunities. Our...
  27. neosoul

    Should I take Complex Analysis? Am I ready?

    I took Complex Analysis this semester, and thought I would not do well in the course. In my opinion, complex analysis is almost like calculus, but it uses complex numbers instead of real numbers. Be sure to do practice problems. Even the ones that are not done or assigned by the teacher. If you...
  28. neosoul

    Textbook for GRE subject test preparation

    I would recommend looking at some websites. You can find a practice test on the ETS website. They also explain what is covered in the test ( e.g. 20% classical mechanics, 18% electromagnetism, 9% optics & wave phenomena, etc). There are some threads on here that will help. I remember seeing some...
  29. neosoul

    Book Recommendations for Physics Classes

    Thanks. The teachers have not yet posted the books that will be used next semester, although they are usually posted by now. Maybe, they were not posted because they are not the introductory courses. I have no clue. I like to keep more than one book for my math and science courses because the...
  30. neosoul

    Book Recommendations for Physics Classes

    PF Family, I'll be starting my junior year this fall. I'm so excited, but I know I have a lot of work ahead of me. I want to get started this summer by teaching myself some things before the Fall semester begins. In the fall, I will use the books that I will have used for self-study in the...