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    Nine Months Later - Career Guidance Still Needed More Than Ever

    Hi, everyone. I haven't posted on this site for some least seven months or so. I want to "re-kindle" my discussion that I started here: My Previous Thread The meat and potatoes of the story is that I excelled in Undergraduate School and obtained a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor...
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    Math Having to leave grad school in Math- where to go from here?

    Hi. In a couple of other topics on this site, I have described my hard situation where I am failing graduate school despite spending ridiculous amounts of time studying and working on problems/ proofs. To put it short, I have a serious mental illness that requires I take medication which...
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    Which graduate course should I take next semester in Mathematics?

    Hi. This is a bit of a follow up to this topic:" which describes my struggle to pass a tough graduate Analysis class while dealing with the cognitive side-effects of medications I take for treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder. So I am...
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    Reviewing for Analysis Exam- can't figure out pf. about Set of Lim. Pts. being closed

    1. Homework Statement Theorem: Given a metric space \left(X,d\right), the set of all limit points of a subset E\subset X, denoted E' is a closed set. I have an Analysis Exam tomorrow and have been studying for quite awhile and last week, my professor gave us a list of Theorems to know the...
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    Courses Struggle in Graduate Analysis course despite 'doing the right things'

    Hi, I just joined this community today after browsing the forums here for a few weeks. I was hoping that perhaps someone could help me out in my situation. I am a graduate student in Mathematics going for an MS in Mathematics. I attended classes last Fall, but left the program on Medical...