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    What is a Saiyan?

    hahaha.. good ole middle school days of DBZ
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    Spank the Monkey

    little trick you invented.. haha 941
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    How do mathematicians and physicists actually work?

    I've always wondered this too.. =) I always thought about working hard to get into a good college/ etc./ etc.. But the thought of doing something never before done is the paramount challenge.
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    Is spanking is an effective way to discipline kids?

    Saying not spanking your kids will turn them into "whiny, feminine adults" is BS. Maybe I'm forced to take offence because I was never really "spanked," but seriously, even if you were joking, how stupid is that? It pisses me off to see people satisfied holding onto erroneous logic.
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    Funny Riddle

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    Cool television commercial

    Har..har.. I've seen this before. The author of the post, from where I first saw this from, did a great job luring people in. Here's the text he used: "This is a car advertisement from Germany. When they finished filming the ad, the people who made it noticed something moving along the side...
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    How did you do on your A-Levels

    I'm with the guy above me here. Here in the US, I always have a slight idea of what my grades will be. I'm never too surprised of the result.
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    Memorization Tactics

    .. Not sure how credible this is, but it's interesting nonetheless: Here
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    Hilarious (short) research essay

    Gave me a good laugh!
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    Practical Jokes

    .. "praying to the third God he knew" Hah!! I can't stop laughing! Faith suddenly falls in any God you know when you need help!
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    Last geometry challenge (very difficult)

    I'm probably wrong, but here's my answer: (2R) / (sqrt(2))