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    Solve for a

    1. Homework Statement Solve for a 7=\frac{a}{2}(e^\frac{4}{a} + e^\frac{-4}{a}) + a 2. Homework Equations 7=\frac{a}{2}(e^\frac{4}{a} + e^\frac{-4}{a}) + a 3. The Attempt at a Solution 7=\frac{a}{2}(e^\frac{4}{a} + e^\frac{-4}{a}) + a multiply by 2 on both sides 14=a(e^\frac{4}{a} +...
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    Hyperbolic Cosine curve fitting

    1. Homework Statement I need to fit a curve using cosh to a hyperbola with a vertex of (0,0) and a point at (4,7). The scanned worksheet can be found here" [Broken]" [Broken] 2. Homework Equations y=a...
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    Basic Question Regarding the Combined Gas Law/Equation

    Hello All, I was wondering, in the combined gass law \frac{p_{1}V_{1}}{T_{1}}=\frac{p_{2}V_{2}}{T_{2}} Does T_{1} and T_{2} have to be in kelvins, or can they be any other unit of temperature as long as a consistency of units is used? Thanks
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    Silver Nitrate and Sand

    1. Homework Statement How do I separate a mixture of Silver Nitrate and Sand and loose as little silver nitrate as possible. 2. Homework Equations N/A 3. The Attempt at a Solution I know silver nitrate is water soluble, so I was going to dissolve all the silver nitrate and then...
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    Cutting an Isosceles Triangle in Half

    1. Homework Statement Take an Isosceles triangle with a height of 10 and draw a line parallel to the base. How far from the top of the triangle does the drawn line have to be for the top half's area to equal the bottom half's area. 2. Homework Equations The area of a triangle...
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    Two points on a graph, the mid-point of a line made by these two points is an origin.

    1. Homework Statement Two points are located on the graph y=4x^{2}+7x-1. A line drawn between these two points have a mid-point at (0,0). Find these two points. 2. Homework Equations The midpoint formula (x_{m},y_{m})=(\frac{x_{1}+x_{2}}{2},\frac{y_{1}+y_{2}}{2}) 3. The Attempt...
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    Questions Regarding Energy Generating Fusion

    Hi All, I was wondering about some equations/formulae related to Fusion. How much energy/what temperature does it take to initiate Fusion? And how is this amount of energy affected by the different element/isotopes used, pressure, magnetic attraction and other variables? Thanks in advanced.