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    Life and the size of the universe

    Thought I'd share a thought I had about a year or so ago while I was looking through a Hubble photos book in wonderment at the vast scale of the universe. Suppose our universe is but one in lets say an infinite number of other universes all within a multiverse. And lets say that the formation...
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    Black hole universe

    I know little about this but supposedly there is some thinking coming from LQG that black holes might be new universes and that our own universe may itself be a black hole birthed from another. Black holes are constantly both gaining and losing energy. Assuming our universe is a black hole...
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    News The difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

    What's the difference between the war in Iraq and Vietnam? Bush had a plan to get out of Vietnam. I heard this a few days ago, had to share :smile:
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    Creating a black hole that doesn't evaporate

    It may be possible that with a powerful enough particle collider that we can create very small black holes. They are supposed to evaporate extremely fast, a tiny fraction of a second. I know that we aren't even sure we can make them, but some of today’s leading theories suggest we can. Can...
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    Particle and three slits + one detector experiment

    What would happen if the slit experiment is done with three slits and at only one slit some sort of particle detecting or particle tagging device is placed and at the remaining slits no means of particle detecting is introduced. I know the results of two slits with and without two detectors...
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    Help with a Dice problem (need an expert although the problem seems simple)

    Ok some friends and I have been arguing over this for hours! If we are rolling 3 six sided dice, one at a time, what are the odds that one of the three dice will land on a 6 (lets say). Each dice clearly has a 1/6 chance of landing on the 6 each. We are not interested in more than one...