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    Lecture of Edward Witten and 2nd Dutch-IFT School (BRAZIL)

    The 2nd Joint Dutch-IFT School on Theoretical Physics will be held from February 14-18 at the IFT-UNESP in Sao Paulo. The opening lecture "String Theory and the Universe" will be given by Prof. Edward Witten (IAS, Princeton) at 10:15 on Monday Feb 14, followed by minicourses of Prof. Eric...
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    Bojowald's upcoming book

    I apologize if this has been posted before. Martin Bojowald Hardcover: 304 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press (January 31, 2011)
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    New Trends in Quantum Gravity II

    I have just seen this: NEW TRENDS IN QUANTUM GRAVITY II Rede Sul-Americana de Gravitação Quântica September 8 to 11, 2009 Instituto de Física Teórica - São Paulo, Brazil SPEAKERS * G. Aldazabal (C. A...
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    Refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG

    I thought it would be interesting to start a thread organizing a list of **only** refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG. I suppose this could evolve into a more structured or organized thread? I believe someone asked elsewhere about refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG. I just include...
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    Fifth International School on Field Theory and Gravitation (BRAZIL) [Broken] Some of the invited speakers: Paul Davies, Abhay Ashtekar, Lawrence M. Krauss, James B. Hartle (to be confirmed), etc.
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    No discussions on CDF/PAMELA yet?

    I find the recent results from those experiments quite interesting and it is somewhat disturbing not to see any comments on them here at BTSM/PF... :bugeye: I am not expert, but would like to read well-informed summaries and discussions of the results. Of course, a careful reading of the papers...
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    2008 Large Grant FQXi Awardees
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    Seventh Alexander Friedmann International Seminar On Gravitation And Cosmology

    Here is the homepage of the event -- to be held from Jun 19 to Jul 05 2008, in João Pessoa, Brazil:" [Broken] are the current...
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    Postdoctoral Position At Penn State In Fundamental Gravitational Theory

    Via [Ilqgs] email list: POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AT PENN STATE IN FUNDAMENTAL GRAVITATIONAL THEORY The Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos expects two openings for post-doctoral positions starting fall 2008 in the areas of general relativity and quantum gravity. Successful...
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    Smolin in Brazil

    I've just learned from Smolin himself that he will be at the XXVIII Encontro Nacional de Física de Partículas e Campos next September here in Brazil. Here is the program: His abstract will probably be there soon, I...
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    Ashtekar on Recent Advances in LQG

    In order to assist navigation through Ashtekar's recent advances in LQG (see his paper, "href="[PLAIN]"[/URL] [Broken] with links to papers on each research line mentioned by him.
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    Gravity Research Foundations Awards 2007" Congratulations to S. Carlip for the first prize.
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    Smolin Damour"
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    Smolin's Response to review by Joe Polchinski

    Here is the link:" [Broken]
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    Philosophical and Formal Foundations of Modern Physics

    Conference "Philosophical and Formal Foundations of Modern Physics", Les Treilles, April 23-28 (organized by Michel Bitbol and Alexei Grinbaum) See" Monday, April 23 7:30 pm Alexei Grinbaum and Michel Bitbol...
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    Baez on TWP and NEW

    See his Week246 Christine
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    Email from Jorge Pullin about this seminar ilqgs

    Hi, I have just received an email from Jorge Pullin about this seminar: "[URL [Broken] International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar[/URL] I apologise in case this has already been posted here. Best wishes, Christine
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    CBI's One Year Anniversary - Guest Posts Welcome

    Dear colleagues, In order to celebrate the first year of Christine's Background Independence, I'm inviting anyone interested to send their contributions. See the blog page for instructions:" [Broken] Thank you very much! :biggrin: Christine
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    Practical questions

    Dear colleagues, Perhaps you can help me on this... :redface: I have two questions: 1) Is it possible to receive posts and comments from someone else's blogs via email (something like an rss to email converter)? 2) Is it possible to save videos from Perimeter Institute on the hard...