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    Calculating the probability of a Boltzmann Brain

    Can anybody point me to a rough calculation of the probability of a disembodied brain appearing from a random fluctuation vs the probability of a brain evolving in a vary large random fluctuation? I'm an eternalist. I find it easier to accept the ridiculous idea that the universe was always...
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    Why wouldn't black hole singularity evaporate before it can form?

    I assume people much more knowledgeable then me must have already thought this through, but the following line of thought has me very curious. I'm making a lot of intuitive leaps here though, so I am sure there is a lot of places I could have gone drastically wrong. Hawking radiation is...
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    Why doesn't hawking radiation prevent a space-like singularity

    As I understand it, as a particle is observed approaching an event horizon, will would never be observed to cross the horizon, and it's red shift would tend towards infinity. I've read conflicting things about this, A, that that red shift WOULD NOT reach infinity in a finite time, and B, that...
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    Visualizing General Relativity with Fluid Analogy

    I'm interested in using a fluid analogy of general relativity to more easily visual what is going on in certain situations, with out having to resort to visualizing curved 4d space time which is doesn't come to naturally. However, I don't know relativity quite well enough to understand what...
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    Why do so many people claim cyclic models brake down due to entropy?

    To my intuition, I find more easy to believe that the universe is infinitely old and the big bag was just one of an infinite number of similar events in a larger universe, rather then the universe had a beginning. However, after watching many documentaries, and reading a lot of popular...