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    Electrically driven Turbo Charger

    Hi; In a regular 1900 TDI car engine,if the turbo were to be operated by an electric motor instead of by the exhaust gasses,how many HP would be the needed output of such motor in order to produce the same effect. Thks. J.D.
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    Wind pressure on a sail boat

    Hi forumers, I've got a question,and of course all proper answers are welcome, I think however a sailboat designer/engineer would quickly know what I'm talking about. I'd like to know what is the pressure/push of a 10 mph (16 km/h) wind on 12,000 surface ,and how to figure this...
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    Wind turbine

    Suppose I've got a 6mw wind turbine with a very small wing span - 5 meters-, what would the minimum wind speed needed to activate the generator ?
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    Required hp for kw

    Could anyone please inform me the relation between needed hp in engine in order to generate a certain amount of kw ? Engine output/generator output Thks. in advance.