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    Why do we need miracles?

    why do we need miracles??? In many threads people say that when they personally witness a miracle they will accept that there is a god or some such. now, when i plant a kernel of corn in the ground, water and nurture the kernel, a corn stalk will appear. yes, nature did the work. i would...
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    Freewill - the nature of our birth

    I hope that I have chosen the proper forum for this thread. In other threads I have stated that within freewill we chose our birth and it’s environments. Now, I would like to offer a small insight, which may make this concept more acceptable. I am sure that in pre-adolescence and...
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    Must we define reality?

    must we define reality?? i get the impression that we all have an intuitive definition for ourselves. no matter what all the wise men have said, we somehow know our individual sense (definition) of reality. so, why don't we just discuss our individual views and stop trying to define a very...
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    Dichotomy - is man flawed

    this is an offshoot from another thread. if, as most of the recognized religions say, man is flawed and needs a messiah or savior. how can we accept the path that the leaders of that cult promote, if they themselves say that man is flawed. in short, how the hell can we accept anything from...
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    Challenge - what do you believe

    as we read these various philosophy forums we see many posts citing various source material and what these writers believe. these are used as an authority for what the poster wishes to substaniate. how many of us belive in freewill (please no posts showing that we do or don't have one) and...
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    Are there really any victims?

    From a purely metaphysical view point, are there really any victims? Simply, if we get robbed, is it because we over valued the posessions or possibly because the culprit needed them more? this could also apply to injuries as well, but i think that might be more complicated. pax,
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    Proof of philosophical ideas?

    Proof??? why do we demand proof of philosophical ideas. when, by definition, they can not be proven. a philosophy is an idea or concept. wouldn't we get much further here if we exchanged ideas and asked for explanations of an opinion, rather than, asking for proof? i make a motion that...
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    Why not spiritual

    i just used the word 'spiritual' in another post. at that point, i realized that this word isn't used very much. are we affraid that it has a religious implication? do we avoid our own feelings of a spiritual existence for fear that it isn't 'enlightened'? funny, using the word made me...
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    Visualized self

    this is by no means polished. i will be working out my thoughts as i write. whenever i try to understand the concept of self, i visualize a tree. i am the tree but this physical me might only be a branch of the total me. the trunk is my core being(soul, spirit, etc?) and the big branches...
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    Is our consciousness an attribute of self?

    Consciousness???? is our consciousness an attribute of self or is it a better definition of our being?? this week, for whatever reason(s), i got the suspicion that 'consciousness' is our ability to focus our attention within a given experience. it is a part of me, not me. please opine...
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    All solutions and answers are correct! ! !

    All answers, solutions to the various paradoxes and debates are valid. Accepting the premise that we are all in the state of becoming, we subjectively will accept a solution, answer, belief, etc that satisfies the need in any given present. ‘Is there a god or life after death’, etc are...
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    Time for anti-trust action?

    has it become immoral for our corporations to continue merging to the point that their "economy of size" has become drain on the quality of life for the individual. they lose efficiency and lay off 5000 workers. they have reduced the competetive playing field and only increase their net...
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    What is the nature of GOD ?

    What is the nature of "GOD"? these threads get lost debating whether or not there is a god. to me that is a circle jerk because we all debate based on our individual beliefs, let's assume there is a 'higher power'. what is s/he/it's nature??
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    Is This A Joke-fraud ?

    Is This A Joke-fraud ?? did i miss something or has the BBC investigated the talking parrot with a 900 word vocabulary and telepathic abilities??? see: this seems to be a legit site. more importantly, how much of what we believe will be...
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    Bone to pick

    this is the best message center on the internet!! now, (here it comes), i gotta bone to pick. i type fast and poorly, i also did not pay attention in grammar school about the rules for spelling. WHY DON'T WE HAVE A SPELL CHECKER???????? honest injun(hope i'm not un-pc), i'd trade...
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    Is our personal reality separate from the Mass Reality

    riddle me this! Simply asked, is our personal reality unique and separate from the mass reality while participating in mass events? As an extension, are there an infinite number of realities co-existing simultaneously and creating the observable mass reality?