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  1. german_cargo

    Replacing a remote with a switch -- voltage drop problems :(

    I have a linear actuator that raises and lowers my snow plow blade and the wireless remote stopped working. Rather than order a new one for $200, I decided to splice into the wiring and put a momentary switch in my truck. I didn't like the remote anyways. I grabbed some wire and wired up a...
  2. marcophys

    DC12V 12A car window motor - what spec for a 220V PSU?

    I have a combined motor and screw drive (to 90 deg). It's original purpose was to convert car windows to electric drive... my guess is that it is at least 25 years old, and made in Japan. For scale... the width of the motor casing is 50mm (as you look at it) I'm making a motorised turntable...