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  1. marcophys

    DC12V 12A car window motor - what spec for a 220V PSU?

    I have a combined motor and screw drive (to 90 deg). It's original purpose was to convert car windows to electric drive... my guess is that it is at least 25 years old, and made in Japan. For scale... the width of the motor casing is 50mm (as you look at it) I'm making a motorised turntable...
  2. U

    Twin 120v breakout from 240v receptacle

    Hello, I live in the United States, I have an unused 20 amp 240v outlet that has two hot legs of 120v and a ground. Id like to make use of this outlet to create two 120 v outlets. I cannot access the main breaker of this panel, and am wondering if I were to make a plug with two female leads...