4 vector momentum

  1. DuckAmuck

    I Invariant Mass in a Gravitational Field

    In Special Relativity, you learn that invariant mass is computed by taking the difference between energy squared and momentum squared. (For simplicity, I'm saying c = 1). m^2 = E^2 - \vec{p}^2 This can also be written with the Minkowski metric as: m^2 = \eta_{\mu\nu} p^\mu p^\nu More...
  2. Mihai_B

    I Electromagnetic field acting on a charged particle

    Can anyone help me find any mistake in this expansion ? (I've asked it also in other places but I got no answer)) Pα= e Fαβ Uβ c = speed of light m = "rest" mass e = charge a = sqr(1 - v2/c2) v2 = vx2 + vy2 + vz2 dτ = dt a (proper time) momentum 4 vector : Pα = [mc/a , mvx/a , mvy/a ...