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  1. qnach

    A Software for cross section calculations using .cif files

    Is there any software available to calculate cross section using .cif file?
  2. B

    Thermal Neutron Absorption Rate in Water?

    Homework Statement "The 2200 m/s flux in an ordinary water reactor is 1.5*10^13 neutrons/cm^2*s. At what rate are the thermal neutrons absorbed by the water?" Homework Equations (unsure) The Attempt at a Solution I know that absorption of a thermal neutron (a neutron in thermal equilibrium)...
  3. E

    I Atmospheric Photolysis and its relation to Absorption Cross Section

    Dear Forum: I have a question about atmospheric photodissociation. I use methane as an example, but any atmospheric gas molecule would suffice. Methane, CH4, has a photodissociation energy of 439 kJ/mole at 298oK, meaning that CH4 + hv --> CH3 + H , hv<274nm. It also has an “absorption...