Accelerarion equation Definition and 6 Discussions

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  1. P

    Can a tension constraint lead to the wrong results?

  2. T

    Calculate the *Acceleration* after a (mostly) elastic collision?

    How can I calculate the ACCELERATION of a stationary steel ball after being hit by a moving steel ball. I know how to get the final velocity but how long does it take to accelerate to that velocity from zero? Does it depend on the elasticity of the materials? I guess we need to know long did...
  3. M

    Finding an expression for acceleration

    Homework Statement A 5.21 kg block is sliding down a slope at an angle of 4.22° to the horizontal. The block is initially moving down the slope at a speed of 1.45 m s−1 and the coefficients of friction between the block and slope are, μs = 0.500, and μk = 0.100. Find an expression for the...
  4. H

    Effect of time on the acceleration of an object initially at rest?

    Hello, I recently bought a Dyson vacuum and have been excitedly vacuuming my floors way more than I need to! I have been doing some thinking as well on the matter (yes, vacuuming) and have a physics problem/question. It has been a long time since I studied physics, so I am not equipped to...
  5. navneet9431

    Steps for converting one type of graph to the other?

    Homework Statement Suppose this the velocity time graph given and we want to plot position time grah from this. What are the things to be considered while plotting the position time graph from this graph? 2. Homework Equations The uniform acceleration motion equations. The Attempt at a...
  6. T

    Isolating an equation

    Homework Statement How to isolate for “t” in equation. Homework Equations d=v2t-1/2a(t^2) The Attempt at a Solution d=v2t-1/2a(t^2)