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    I The vacuum speed of light (invariant speed) in a non-inertial frame

    Hi, I read various threads in PF about the concept of invariant speed and the speed of light in vacuum that in our universe happens to be the same as the 'invariant speed'. My doubt is about the speed of the light in vacuum as measured from a non-inertial frame (basically in the context of SR...
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    A Accelerometer question: Monitoring hand movements during practice surgical procedures

    I'm a surgeon, maths and physics study was a long time ago. I have been working on a project using an accelerometer and hand movements during practice procedures. I thought to represent my 3 axis acceleration as a vector and then subtract from this 1g, to compensate for...
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    Acceleration detection accounting for rotation

    Hello everyone! I am trying to write an app that needs to be able to tell if a vehicle is accelerating or breaking. In this sense I used the accelerometer in the phone. At the moment I managed to isolate and subtract the gravitational pull of the earth from my readings and I am using a noise...