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    Studying Advice on Future-Technology Engineering

    Hi, I am currently an undergrad student exploring different fields of engineering. I find that there are so many fields to choose from, it is as much astonishing as it is bewildering. What I would like to do is work on building the technologies of the future. Specifically, I am interested in...
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    What additional courses should I take as a chem major?

    I am a sophomore chem major taking my second semester of organic. I plan on going to grad school. I took calc 2 last semester but calc 3 is not offered next semester so that is sadly out of the question. I can't take classical mechanics without calc 3 and I've already taken prob. and stats. No...
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    Courses In which order should I take these (or more) courses?

    Hi, I recently graduated from high school and am planning on taking studying physics in college(im taking a gap year). Until them, I am trying to spend whatever free time I might get, studying and basically getting better at physics. Here is my background, I have taken math up to Calculus...
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    Is a Psychology degree really considered useless?

    I am so fed up of majoring in IT. I have a decent GPA but I must say that I am miserable in the process. I was initially a Psychology major and that was something I was passionate about. I enrolled in Physics more than once and still do not have a firm grasp of the concept! Whether I utilize...
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    Should I major in IT and attempt to find a career in it?

    I am currently one class away from acquiring an AA in IT. I have a 3.6 in the IT academic program (3.38 overall due to failing my first programming course this semester). Weirdly enough, math and science are my weaknesses. I was initially a Psychology major (3.72 degree audit) and chose to not...