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  1. qnach

    Is there an antenna with this shape?

    Is there an antenna of S shape or perhaps a butterfly shape? What is the benefit of such design?
  2. M

    Difference between DC/AC coupling (Antennas)

    Good evening everyone! Given that I have no experience in antenna physics or related areas, I'm studying a paper for a project I will be involved. It is an image sensor for THz e.m. waves and exploits micro-bowtie antennas to "capture" the signal and convert it through a standard CMOS imager...
  3. T

    Antenna Radiation and propogation doubts

    I have a few doubts regarding antenna radiation and propogation. Kindly look into it and clarify. Consider a Hertzian dipole antenna, DOUBT # 1. Generally, when the power is mentioned for an antenna elements such as the power dissipated across radiation resistance(Rrad) P radiated =...