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    Courses AP Bio then AP Physics 1 or other way around?

    Hey! I’m a sophomore that is scheduling for next year. Hopefully, I will be taking AP Calc BC next year (junior year). As for my science course, I want to take AP Bio and AP Physics 1 before graduating, but we can only take one per year. So would you recommend Physics during my senior year when...
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    Vectors, how to find average acceleration

    Homework Statement At one instant a bicyclist is 20.5 m due south of a park's flagpole, going due east with a speed of 14.1 m/s. Then, 3.95 s later, the cyclist is 36.3 m due west of the flagpole, going due north with a speed of 18.3 m/s. For the cyclist in this 3.95 second interval, find each...