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  1. P

    A Is there any astro-field that uses QM or GR frequently?

    Hi all! Happy New year! I will select my supervisor soon but i want to involve in the field that uses QM or GR frequently I love physics and i want to apply physics to explain astrophysical phenomenon. I know that Compact objects and Astrochemistry use such physics but i wonder to know more...
  2. astroman707

    Programs Difference between an astronomy and astrophysics PhD?

    Is there really much of a difference between an astronomy PhD and an astrophysics PhD? There seems to be a lot of overlap in the fields, and it seems that both can qualify you for many of the same careers, it just depends on the PhD focus. For an example, I'm very interested in almost all areas...
  3. Neha98

    Programs Applied or pure physics major is best for an astronomy career?

    I'm willing to make postgraduate studies in astronomy or astrophysics so which major is more suitable for me applied or pure phyics?
  4. J

    Programs Majoring in Physics or Engineering can prepare you in both subjects?

    I'm currently in community college and will be applying next semester for transfer. The problem is, I'm not entirely sure if I'd like to major in physics or engineering. I have an interest in space science but have difficulty knowing if I'd like something more applied or theoretical. I've heard...
  5. O

    In astronomy what is the average duration of doing postdocs?

    Hello. I read that in astronomy a PhD lasts an average of 6.1 years. But what about postdoctoral research? In astronomy, what is the average duration of doing postdocs before finally getting a real job? (a job as an astronomer; not reconverting to another field to get a job in this other...
  6. D

    Astronomy as a career

    Is this realistic or really just a fantasy career that almost no one ends up doing? I would love to learn about space and the universe, but just feel those jobs a extremely rare. Can anyone give me any realistic advice on how to getting a job as an astronomer? Thank you all!
  7. DHF

    Day to day life of a professional astronomer

    Greetings, My wife and I are currently in the process of writing our next book, the main character of which will be an astronomer. So far my research has given me plenty of resources on astronomy itself but very little on the actual astronomer. I would love to get some insight on what the day...