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  1. G

    Software to simulate an atom and chemical reactions?

    Hi, I am trying to simulate in 3D a bunch of chemical reactions. Some of them are complex and I would like to be able to just spawn the elements and molecules and watch them collide to see what happens. Is their any free software to do this?
  2. C

    How intimately can we observe DNA replication?

    I found this interesting computer animation representing DNA functions in cells. My questions: 1) How precisely can we actually magnify cell functions, and what is preventing us from peering in as closely as depicted in the video (keeping in mind that I know it's probably technologically...
  3. Yangyin

    The basis for all things that exist

    what is the basis for all things that exist ? does it start with a single atom? are there atoms that exist in every thing in existence ? how are they different and how are they the same ?
  4. J

    Normal electric field across the interface

    Dear all: The boundary condition of electric field is well know for us which illustrates that the normal component of the electric field will not be continuous across the interface between 2 dielectric material with different dielectric functions. (There is no extra fixed charge on the...
  5. I

    How can you tell if a molecule is polar or nonpolar

    Hello, for octane (C8H18), how can you tell whether or not it is polar or non-polar without drawing a lewis structure diagram? also, if you absolutely need to draw one, what is the easiest way to go about drawing a more advanced molecule like octane? I can draw simple molecules and find their...