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  1. A

    I Back to Muller's 'Now and the Flow of Time'

    Folks, I'm back to reading Muller's paper ( about the flow of time. He postulates that time is expanding similar the way space is expanding (ok... so if you can swallow that). He asks: "why are the new nows created at the end of time, rather than uniformly...
  2. Ramtin123

    A Three dimensional representation of ##U(1)\times SU(2)##

    Consider a three dimensional representation of ##U(1)\times SU(2)## with zero hypercharge ##Y=0##: $$ L= \begin{pmatrix} L^+ \\ L^0 \\ L^- \end{pmatrix} $$ Then the mass term is given by [1]: $$ \mathcal{L} \supset -\frac m 2 \left( 2 L^+ L^- +L^0 L^0 \right) $$ I am wondering where the...
  3. ohwilleke

    I BSM conference '17 notes

    This 54 page review article from a September 2017 conference in Portugal is a good starting point for people wanting an overall summary of the state of BSM physics theories that is reasonably up to date, and may suggest questions about specific theories that deserve more attention in this forum...
  4. Jianphys17

    I Relation between statistics and theoretical physics

    Hi at all, maybe it's a bit trivial. However, the question that i ask myself is ; that relation there is between statistics-probab theory & theoretical physics. What role does it play in theoretical research ? (apart from the probabilistic amplitudes encountered in qm) Thanks for the answers
  5. J

    A Is it possible that a particle is much heavier through a loop correction

    Let's assume, we have standard model singlet particle s that mixes after electroweak symmetry breaking with an exotic, vectorlike neutral lepton N The relevant part of the Lagrangian reads $$ L \supset h^c s N + h s N^c + M N N^c, $$ where h is the standard model higgs and M is a superheavy...
  6. G

    Covariant fields and new physics

    I assume that all the fundamental physics known - as of today - can be reduced to quantum general covariant fields (including spacetime itself to be seen as a field of those...). Now, sorry if my question is quite abstract and based on tomorrow's hypothetical new physics, but would it be against...