Boyant force Definition and 6 Discussions

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    Relationship between buoyancy Force and the gravitational force between two bodies?

    Picture below. Both bodies are made of same material but the body placed in water had 2.4 times greater mass. What is the relationship between buoyancy Force and gravitational force between body in water and body in air? I have no clue how to solve this. I know that body with greater mass has...
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    B Angled Rod w Float Attached -- Force of Float

    Hi! A ridged rod is submerged in water at a 45 degree angle toward the bottom of a tank of water. The upper end of the rod is fixed to a pivot point and so, the lower end of the rod is able to move around that pivot point. The lower end of the rod has a float attached to that displaces 50lb...
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    Buoyancy of a submarine

    Homework Statement A submarine is in water, depth 30 meters. Inside submarine there is default air pressure. Submarine has volume of 125 m³, from which 10 m³ is water tank used for submerging. Submarine weights 123 tons. How large portion of the water tank has to be filled with sea water in...
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    I Will it sink?

    Please see the below image, it is a closed and well sealed circulated pipe structure, fully filled with water and no air inside. The density of that green object is greater than water (say 1.2 while water is 1). In this situation, will the green object be sunk? Better with some explanations...
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    A solid cylinder of uniform density of 0.85 g/cm3 floats in

    Homework Statement A solid cylinder of uniform density of 0.85 g/cm3 floats in a glass of water tinted light blue by food coloring. Its circular surfaces are horizontal. What effect will the...
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    Differential equation for grav, boyant and drag force

    Homework Statement So there is a falling object, you have to take into account the boyant force, the pull of gravity and the drag force A time dependent distance equation is what we're looking for Homework Equations Fd=CdApav2/2 Where Fd is the drag force Cd is the drag coefficient A is the...