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    C/++/# Recursive-Array

    I want to write code walk around the array recursively. For some reason I cannot share my code. Let's say I have a array like this: arr[4], I want to look 012 123 013 or 01 12 23 02 03 13. In code I write I can look 012 123 or 01 12 23 but I cannot look 013 or 02 03 13. What algorithm should I...
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    Comp Sci Recursion double function

    double foo(int arr[], double *ave, int index){ double *s; *s=*ave; // calculation// return(foo (arr,ave,index)); // other calculation// } I want to keep the ave value during the recursion, because after ave is calculated, I will do another calculation is recursively in this...
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    Comp Sci Do-while loop-> exit not working (making a crossword puzzle)

    Hello! My homework is making a crossword. I write a code like this: do{ //code printf("Please enter the coordinate and the word: \n"); scanf(" %c%d %s",&row2,&column2,word2); if(row2=='E' && word2=="xit") exit(0); //code }while(count2!=10); But this is...
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    C/++/# How to involve system features in C programming?

    How to involve system functions like notifications, alert, and somewhat like that in C program?