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  1. M

    B Physics C: Mechanics - Negative Energy and Potential Energy Curves

    I'm currently taking a course where we are working to teach older physics concepts and combine them with calculus. I was assigned to work on teaching a unit about energy; for the most part, it stays relatively consistent and can be solved algebraically. Another topic in this unit is Potential...
  2. EchoRush

    I Help with deriving the formula for kinetic energy (using calculus)

    Hello, I am learning how to use calculus to derive the formula for kinetic energy now, I understandthe majority of the steps in how to do this, however, there is one step where I get totally lost, I will post a picture of the steps and I will circle the part where I get lost. If you see the...
  3. EchoRush

    I Deriving the kinetic energy equation?

    Hello, I just have a quick question on deriving the kinetic energy formula using calculus. I understand most of it, I just have a question about one of the steps. here are the steps. Begin with the Work-Energy Theorem.The work that is done on an object is related to the change in its kinetic...
  4. EchoRush

    I Questions about the fundamental thoerem of calculus

    As you can see form my previous posts, I am in my first university level calculus class ever. It is going very well, and through the class I am asking good questions and trying to actually make connection with the stuff we arr doing - not just doing the math just for the sake of passing - I am...
  5. EchoRush

    I Questions about derivatives

    As I have said before, I am in calculus class for the first time. I am doing really well in the class, however because of how my mind works, I’m always asking questions to know more, even when it’s too advanced for me. I just like to ponder and think about “what if” I know it’s probably not good...
  6. EchoRush

    I Questions about implicit differentiation?

    I am new to calculus. I am doing well in my class. I just have a few questions about implicit differentiation. First, why do we call it "implicit" differentiation? Also, when we do it, why when we differentiate a term with a "y" in it, why do we have to multiply it by a dY/dX? What does that...
  7. A

    Finding the limits of integration and quadratic formula

    Homework Statement Please look at the photo! Homework Equations -x^2+4x=x^2-6x+5 The Attempt at a Solution I got 2x^2-10x+5 but it says it's wrong
  8. A

    Courses Online Physics 2 Course?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of an online calc-based physics 2 course with a lab? I know it's a lot of criteria to match and I've had a pretty hard time searching, but I thought I'd ask in case someone else has taken or is aware of something! I need to take it this summer in order to be on...
  9. T

    B How can I calculate speed based on previous speed?

    Hi, I am developing a Train Simulator kind of program where I calculate speed each frame. I currently do that by: Speed = (f/m)*elapsed frames*time between frames This works, but goes wrong when there are framerate drops or if the force changes, thats why i want to calculate the speed with the...
  10. GaussianSurface

    Calculating distance from speed

    Homework Statement The speed of a runner increased during the first three seconds of a race. Her speed at half-second intervals is given in the table. Find lower and upper estimates for the distance that she travelled during these three seconds. It follows the image's square. Homework...
  11. Delta31415

    Calculus Integration help please -- involves sinh(x), e^x and roots

    Homework Statement [/B] $$\int \left ( \frac{-1}{2*\sinh(x)*\sqrt{1-e^{2x}})} \right ) dx$$ or\int \left ( \frac{-1}{2*\sinh(x)*\sqrt{1-e^{2x}})} \right ) dx Homework Equations the sinh identity, which is (e^x-e^-x)/2 The Attempt at a Solution Tried...
  12. Biscuit

    Calculate Instantaneous Velocity at t=2s

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried to find the slope of the tangent line, but this gave me 3.66 and the answer is 3.8 how do I find this?
  13. M

    B Isn't the Riemann Hypothesis just a convention?

    If the zeta function intersects the critical line when the real part is 1/2, then it will intersect some other line when some other real part is used. Isn't the Riemann Hypothesis just based on a particular convention for the critical line?
  14. D

    [Calc] First max and min values of an underdamped oscillation

    Homework Statement Determine the FIRST maximum and minimum values of the underdamped oscillation: y=e^(-x/2)(4sin(3x)+3cos(3x)) cm Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I firstly differentiated the above equation and got: (-e^(-x/2)(22sin(3x)-21cos(3x)))/2 I checked this and...
  15. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Mass of half ball

    Homework Statement If the density of the half-ball x ^2 + y ^2 + z ^2 ≤ 4 ; z ≥ 0 is given by δ(x, y, z) = ( x^ 2 + y^ 2 + z ^2)^(1/2) find its mass. Homework Equations ∫∫F⋅ds ∫∫FoΦ(u,v)||Tu,Tv||dudv ∫∫FoΦ(u,v)⋅(Tu,Tv)dudv The Attempt at a Solution For the last problem I was asked to find...
  16. G

    Find the derivative of the function(Quotient rule)

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of the function y = (3-2x^3+x^6 )/x^9 Homework Equations Derivatives The Attempt at a Solution I have tried to use the quotient rule and got to -6x^11 + 6x^14 - 27x^8 + 18x ^24 - 9x ^14 / (x^9)^2 Which doesn't look close to the answer -27/x^10 +...
  17. P

    Show the gravitional field is conservative

    In my calculus textbook (section on vector calc) it is showing that the gravitational field is conservative. I followed fine except for the first part, defining the scalar function f. Showing the field is conservative went something like this: f(x,y,z) = MM'G/\sqrt{x^2+y^2+z^2}...
  18. J

    Calc 1 practice exam question -- finding the y intercept of the tangent line

    I was given the equation of a polynomial told to find the derivative. easy enough. Then asked to give the equation of the tangent line which I've only learned how to get in the form of the question: "find the equation of the tangent line at x=" They gave me the equation of a line parallel to...
  19. G

    Helpful Resources for Calc. Analysis

    I have started a class on the analysis of calculus. We are three weeks in and have covered some basic set theory, fields and axioms, and now we are beginning induction. It is a very rigorous course and I hoping someone might know of some helpful resources that could aid me throughout it. Ideally...
  20. J

    Checking for Accuracy in homework

    I noticed the scan was cut off on the second image at the bottom right, but I came up with x= 31/5 My first test in Calc I begins tomorrow and I want to know that I'm headed in the right direction. I think I understand to some extent how logarithms can be expanded and condensed though I'm...
  21. P

    How to import text file to casio fx-cg20 calc?

    DOo somebody know how to import text to casio fx-cg 20?
  22. M

    Worried physics student

    I am currently a physics undergrad and I thought I was good at physics. In highschool I was pretty proficient in physics and got good grades without studying. My first semester in college I got 2 C's (in calc and physics) but that was because I did not study a lot. This semester I thought I was...
  23. M

    Want to be a Professor

    I'm currently a first-year student at OSU, and I'm a physics major. My first semester I got 2 C's and an A(college was harder than I expected and I didn't study a lot). This semester I am doing much better in my classes, getting close to straight A's but I was talking to someone and they said...