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  1. ar2x7ar

    I How to Calculate This Horsepower from a flywheel?

    I have a flywheel (150 Kg, Diameter-18", RPM) How I Calculate Horsepower from These information. I am working on a project Thank you physicsforums
  2. Raffallo

    Calculate the max current for a powerline

    Hello All! I'm new in this forum, so if I select wrong subject or something then sorry. I'm very, very far from physic, so I need your help. In work, I have to calculate max current for HV power line. As input have conductor temperature [*C] and material parameters (the resistance in ohm of the...
  3. vsarnaud

    4 Linkage system: velocity calculation

    For the attempt at a solution view the Excel screenshots (1). A screenshot with all the lengths is provided (2). The 4-linkage system is shown in screenshot (3). The problem is shown in screenshot (4). A screenshot from the whole assembly is also provided to add some insights (5). Thanks...
  4. Lardos

    A Ideas for determining the volume of a rotating object

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on an experiment investigating the formation of planets. I have a vacuum chamber in which dust particles form bigger agglomerates through accretion (sticking together). From the imagery I can see those agglomerates which are build up by smaller...
  5. Suppaman

    B Calculate, not measure the value of c

    Recently I watched a youtube video about the speed of light and how it was not about light. I was wondering if the value of C can be determined instead of measured. Is C a constant in some formula that has well-known parameters and so the value of C can be calculated? I am just a science...
  6. T

    I How to calculate the tractive effort of a train?

    Hi there again, I am trying to correctly calculate the tractive effort pf a train, currently i do this: Power/speedMpS = TractiveEffort I got that from here. But it doesnt provide realistic values, so i am wondering, what is the correct way of calculating tractive effort of a train? Thanks
  7. hugo_faurand

    B Calculate the expression of the antiderivative

    Hello everyone ! I've started to work on integral and I wonder if it's possible to calculate the expression of the antiderivative with the expression of the "integrand"1 rather than use a table with the function and its antiderivative. Thank you in advance ! 1( I'm french and I d'ont know the...
  8. J

    I Calculation of daily solar insolation

    Hi all, I'm trying to calculate the daily solar insolation (integrated solar irradiances from sunrise to sunset) for a given location and day of the year. For latitude 43.2° and April 15th, I get: H0 = (solar constant * scale factor for intra annual variation of sun-earth distance * 86400...
  9. G

    Converting mg/hr to ppb

    Editor Note: Moved from a technical forum and therefore no template. Hi! I'm terrible at this sort of thing so came to this forum for help. I'm trying to figure out how much ozone an air purifier will throw into my indoor air. The unit produces 360 mg/hr. My space is 2500 square feet...
  10. B

    Calculating the upward force

    Homework Statement [/B] Gr.11 Physics, about 2 months in so I don't know much. Bob pitches his calculator in to the air and watches it rise to a height of 5 meters above the floor, and rebound to a height of 4 meters. The calculator was in contact with the floor for ten milliseconds, and it...
  11. P

    I Calculate top of curve, and the time it takes to get there

    Hi, I'm doing a lot of temperature measurement, and I would like to add a function that could estimate how high the temperature would rise and how long it will take to get there. The calculations would be based on the current temperature relative to the past x measurements. Anyone have any...
  12. I

    Explain why this is correct (Optimization Problem)

    Homework Statement A piece of wire, 100 cm long, needs to be bent to form a rectangle. Determine the dimensions of a rectangle with the maximum area. Homework Equations P = 2(l+w) A = lw The Attempt at a Solution This is what I don't understand, the solutions that I saw from looking around...
  13. Ryan Reed

    How calculate iris radius and cavity radius in accelerator?

    In linear accelerators that use a disk loaded structure (traveling wave), how would you calculate the iris(disk hole) radius, cavity radius, and disk thickness according to the wavelength
  14. T

    I Energy of gravitational waves

    So everyone knows that the energy of a photon is E = hf, I assume this is just because light also has a particle nature. But how do we calculate the energy of a gravitational wave, because from memory classical wave equations have a mass component to calculate 'kinetic' associated energy, and I...
  15. Ryan Reed

    How would you Calculate the Energy in an EM field?

    How would you calculate the energy in an electromagnetic field produced by a particle such as an electron?
  16. Necronox

    Lift calculation in animals

    Firstly, i'm new to these forums, and I'm not sure what the prefixe in creating this thread is supposed to be... (i'm assuming it is to judge to question's level)? saw some threads without prefixes but i can't post one without... maybe i missed a stickied thread or a readme? Alright, so, first...
  17. Ankhen

    Calculation of a magnet

    Hi. Can somebody make a calculation for me? how strong do a magnet need to be to lift a mass of 75 kg iron 1 meter straigth up in 1 second. Best Regards morten
  18. Blackhawk4560

    Calculating Radius of electric field

    Question: Is there a way to calculate the radius of an electric field? By that I mean, say we have a cathode on one side, how far away can the anode be? Is there a way to calculate this? I'd imagine it would need to be experimentally derived due to the number of variables (shape of object...
  19. reemie

    How to calculate the mass of a hydrogen atom

    The answer according to my booklet is 1.6734×10-24 (g), but I don't understand how we got this answer. proton: 1.6725×10-24 neutron: 1.6748×10-24 electron: 0.0009×10-24 To get the mass, I added protons with neutrons, but I got 3.3473×10-24. What am I doing wrong?
  20. B

    Formula of Average Magnetic B Field Strength of Large Conductor

    Any one knows how to calculate the magnetic B field strength at a distance from a Large Conductor ? Do we go by average ? thanks
  21. T

    How to calculate magnetic vector potential?

    Source WIki: An axially symmetric toroidal inductor with no circumferential current totally confines the B field within the windings, the A field (magnetic vector potential) is not confined. Arrow #1 in the picture depicts the vector potential on the axis of symmetry. Radial current sections a...
  22. ishwarb

    How to calculate how much power required to turn a flywheel?

    How to calculate how much power required to turn a flywheel? Suppose I have a flywheel of 24 inch diameter, width 5 inches,50kg. How do I calculate the required power (HP) to turn this or any other with different values?
  23. Kelson Adams

    Calculating the Age of Planets without Radioactive Dating

    I understand that it's possible to calculate the age of terrestial planets through radioactive dating their soil. However, the gas planets present a different challenge since we cannot currently land on them. Any ideas on how to calculate their ages in a different manner?
  24. E

    Linear system - calculate output signal

    Hi! Homework Statement a) Calculate and sketch amplitude spectrum of u(t), b) u(t) is input signal for linear time invariant system whose transfer function H(jw) is shown. Calculate output signal uo(t) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I completed task a), I got...