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  1. A

    I Force between the plates of a capacitor when a dielectric slab is added

    Say there are two parallel plates separated by a small fixed distance d and charged +q, -q. The force attracting the plates is F. If a solid block of dielectric (dielectric constant k) is introduced between the plates, will the force of attraction be different from F. My answer: The electric...
  2. Alettix

    Capacitor filled with two conducting materials

    Homework Statement a) State the boundary conditions for the electric field strength E and electric flux density D at a planar interface separating two media with dielectric constants ε1 and ε2. b) A parallel plate capacitor with a plate separation d is filled with two layers of different...
  3. A

    High K material in High frequency

    Hello all I need a high K material to cancel out E-field in some direction (induced by electromagnetism). This high K material (above 5000) must work in high frequencies above 10MHz. I did use the ceramics but there is no clue that it will work in that range of frequencies or not. I am really...
  4. N

    Parallel plate capacitor voltage question

    Homework Statement A parallel-plate capacitor is connected to a 100 V battery until it is fully charged. The distance between the plates is d and the space between the plates is filled with air (k=1.0). Then, the battery is disconnected. If the distance between the plates is increased to 3d...
  5. ernd59

    Insulation Resistance and tangent delta in a X Capacitor

    Hallo, I have a question which elements are responsible for the increase of tangent delta in a X Capacitor and the reduction of its insulation resistance?
  6. G

    Capacitance of capacitor

    suppose i have a circuit,in which a capacitor and resistances are connected in series with a DC voltage source. then after a long interval of time we know that capacitor will have same voltage across its terminal as that of DC voltage source and no current flow in the circuit. so, can i say at...