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Carrer d'Ausiàs Marc (sometimes written as Ausiàs March, see the Pompeu Fabra article for more information on spelling) is a street in Eixample, Barcelona, named after the Valencian poet of the same name.
It is located between Carrer de Casp and Carrer d'Alí Bei, crossing Dreta de l'Eixample from Plaça Urquinaona towards Carrer de Lepant.

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  1. BigPapaSmurf123

    Physics How to become a Certified Medical Physicist in the UK?

    Hello there! I am currently studying Astrophysics (3rd year) in Scotland and would like to shift my premature career path into medical physics. Now, I have few questions that I cannot answer online so I though it would be better to do it here. Here we go.. My question is how to actually...
  2. N

    Learn French or German language for physicist?

    I am planning on learning a new language in the upcoming year. I already have a B1 level of french and had thought about perfecting it. However, I was told that German was more useful as a physicist as it would open career paths in Germany and postgrad opportunities after undergrad, the only...
  3. N

    Programs Is the ivy league education worth it for a physics major?

    Good Afternoon. My name is Nicolas Beltran. I am a high school student who would really like your advice on an issue I have. It has always been my dream to study physics, however I never saw it as a feasible choice because in my country, Colombia, there are little to few options in which true...
  4. enginej

    Heat exchangers for power plants

    I'm new to this forum, and would just like to say this is a very impressive site. My question is what is the best path way in school to design heat exchangers for power plants (more geared towards nuclear power plants.) I'm currently finishing my first year of school studying mechanical...