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    B Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of a gas?

    Why do they say temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy how is this possible. how can we take it is it applicable for all types of gases?
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    B Vapour pressure of water vapour in air

    Vapour pressure in a closed system. Why does the partial pressure of water vapour in air equals to the equilibrium vapour pressure of liquid?
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    Fluid Velocity and Pressure in a *Closed* System

    In a closed fluidic system (with a pump), fluid velocity is constant throughout the system but what puzzles me is the pressure drop due to viscous effect. In a horizontal pipe, pressure decreases gradually (assuming low friction) down the pipe due to viscous effect. In this concepts, it's hard...
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    Flow rate loss

    I have a diesel pump doing 900 lpm with a hose reel 30 meters long, the inside diameter of the hose is 32mm. The frictional loss for 30 meters of hose is 461.04 kPa. The Viscosity of Diesel is 4.5 mPas. I would like to know the final flow rate. thanks in advance
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    B Expansion of a gas

    Hi .I'm a beginner at thermodynamics,very limited in my understanding of math.I have a handbook on CO2 properties.According to it the properties for CO2 at 47.3 bar are T=12C,H= -3792,S= -42.6,and for 34.85 bar, T= 0 C,H= -3339.8,S=-39.33.If the gas expands from 47.3 to 34.85 bar,the gas will...