commutator algebra

  1. W

    I Commutator identity

    I'm having a little trouble proving the following identity that is used in the derivation of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff Formula: $$[e^{tT},S] = -t[S,T]e^{tT}$$ It is assumed that [S,T] commutes with S and T, these being linear operators. I tried opening both sides and comparing terms to no...
  2. Clarence Liu

    Using Mathematica to solve for Jacobi Identity

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Physics Forums and to Mathematica, as well as Jacobi Identity. In any case, I was wondering on how I may use Mathematica to solve various Quantum Mechanics related problems through commutators. Like if it's possible to find out what is the form of a particular commutator...