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  1. I

    Engineering Help with computer engineering problem

    Have been trying to figure out this problem for quite some time but don't know how to approach it.
  2. MaxR2018

    Memory cache excercise

    I'm triying to do thiS way, but i'm not sure. First: I have 32Mb of so 32Mb=2^25, so the memory adress has 25 bits. Second: with blocks of 32 bytes =2^5 bytes so the word has 5 bits. Third: If cache has 256kb and each block has 32 bytes, so 256kb/32bytes=8000, that means i have 8000 ways. If...
  3. S

    Modern Computer Bugs, What Is The Cause?

    I would like to know what causes bugs, on the software side. Bug was not at all the term used for software but over time, it has evolved into what I think is the result of carelessness, poor development and lack of knowledge. In modern computing, bugs occur in software all the time. But why does...
  4. F

    Edge data center size

    I want to do a cost estimation for an edge data center in Bakersfield, California. I don't know how big should the center be and i do not know how i can view the data traffic. Can anyone help?
  5. J

    Flynn's Taxonomy as a modern classification

    Flynn's Taxonomy was a classification of computer architectures published in 1966. Computing has changed a lot since then. Is this taxonomy still useful? What are some of its shortcomings for evaluating modern computing systems?
  6. D

    Early mechanical/analog computers

    I am currently working on a project on early mechanical computers; I understand the basics of how the rotor mechanisms, and whatnot work. However, I need some specific, and preferably diagrams. Most of the sources I've found refer to the broader working of the mechanism (and the implications)...
  7. Domenico94

    A What is quantum computing research mostly focused on?

    What is quantum computing research mostly focused on? I mean, is it mostly about a physical point of view ( Like building better quantum transistor, or better quantum diodes, or, for example, using entalgment effect, to achieve better purposes), or is it mostly focused with quantum architectures...