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    Scifi/Fantasy Novel Prologue

    Hello Everyone! My brother and I are a writing a book, and I'd love it if you guys would provide some feedback. You love it, you hate it, what have you. Honestly I've been developing this for so long I can't realistically appraise it. If you like what you see, feel free to like us on...
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    Medical Brain transplant (Whole-body transplant ), feasibility, how and estimates when

    Connecting the blood supply and other organs are already completely possible. It is also possible to keep the brain alive for hours outside the body. Remaining concern is the spine and the 12(x2) nerves which connect to either side of the brain. The...
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    Medical Why only for old men ?

    Thanks for reading, I wonder how viagra helps the blood concentration on such a particular region if the taker does not try to control his mind on what he is doing. What if one has a spinal cord injury ? Most of the doctors explain the drug is used only for old men who want to have an...
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    Questions about West Nile Virus and W.N. encephalitis

    I'm doing a paper on West Nile virus for my microbiology class. One of the things I'm supposed to address is mechanisms of pathogenesis, including why the virus is more likely to cause encephalitis in the elderly. I know that in order to cause this condition it has to cross the blood brain...
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    Nervous system

    Easiest/best ways to describe the differences between: Somatic and autonomic nervous system -somatic has the motor neurone's cell body inside the CNS, while autonomic has its motor neurone's cell body outside the CNS, in the ganglia (2 neurones carry impulse from CNS to organ)...
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    TOE - possible breakthrough concepts

    Re: Background to Universal Quantum Field Geometry and Parallel Singularities Higher Intelligence travels from universe to universe through electromagetic sinks or points of gravitational collapse. Communication with parallel worlds that are moving faster than light through these points by...
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    Nerve impulse amplifiers

    Can any biology-savvy people comment on the viability of implants which boost the nervous signals to muscles, effectively making someone superhuman in strength and endurance? I can see how someone with these implants may end up killing themselves from over-exertion, but would something like this...
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    Medical Cord blood

    My wife is due by the end of August, and we plan to collect the cord blood. I was wondering what happens to our cord blood, if the cord blood bank goes bankrupt in the future?
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    Medical Cord Blood Banking?

    We can't afford to bank the babies cord blood, but I know how beneficial it is. Is there some way I can donate it so even though we can't store it some other child could benefit?
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    Cord blood banking industry flourishes

    I didn't realize an industry was being so aggresively developed around this. But many say companies are exploiting parents' paranoia NEW YORK - When Marla Dalton was expecting, she read the pregnancy magazines, picked up pamphlets at her doctor’s office and logged on to mom-centric Web...