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CPP Group plc is a global product and services company specializing in the financial services and insurance markets. Its Group International Support Centre is based in Leeds, UK and it also has locations is Asia, Europe and Latin America. It is listed on the Alternative Investment Market.

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    Comp Sci Template for the STL

    in .h file I write like this: namespace board{ template <class T> class BAdapter : public AbstractB{ public: BAdapter(); BAdapter(int x){ x=6; setSize(x); } virtual void setSize(int receivedSize){...
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    Comp Sci Class and vector

    I am now learning C ++ and trying to learn class and vector. I'm trying to write code, but I got an error. this is my class and enum class: enum class state: char{ empty='.', filled_with_x='x', filled_with_o='o'}; class class1{ private: class class2{ class2()...
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    What is the difference between PP(polypropylene) and CPP?

    To my knowledge, CPP means cast-polypropylene, which I've seen used in a coaxial cable. Some cables use CPP as dielectric material. My question is: 1. what is the difference between PP(polypropylene) and CPP? 2. How is CPP made? 3. Is the permittivity and loss tangent of CPP different from that...
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    Trouble with parrallelizing for loop with openMP, cpp

    Hi, I'm working on doing some slight parallelization of a for loop in the force calculation in a molecular dynamics simulation, using openMP. (probably not up for a proper MPI implementation yet) It should only need to parallelize the force loop since 90% ish of the time is spent calculating...