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  1. G

    Ion density in sheath of Langmuir probe in plasma

    Hello. I'm studying principle of Langmuir probe and got several questions. 1st, the textbook suddenly tells that ion density within sheath is ni(x) = nis(Vs/V(x))1/2 where nis, Vs are ion density and plasma potential at sheath edge. I found some document which shows that it is obtained by...
  2. Mr. Rho

    Scalar potential for magnetic field

    I have that ∇2∅ = 0 everywhere. ∅ is a scalar potential and must be finite everywhere. Why is it that ∅ must be a constant? I'm trying to understand magnetic field B in terms of the Debye potentials: B = Lψ+Lχ+∇∅. I get this from C.G.Gray, Am. J. Phys. 46 (1978) page 169. Here they found that...