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  1. ChinoSupay

    A Magnetic response of a degenerate Fermi gas

    I know that in a Fermi gas, the two common responses to a lo field are Pauli par. and Landau dia. and the last becomes the H-VA effect My question is, it is the same treatment in degenerated Fermi Gas?
  2. ChinoSupay

    A Can a degenerate gas of electrons be a superconductor?

    If is yes, under which conditions?
  3. ChinoSupay

    A Fermi gas in a magnetic Field?

    I am currently working in astromagnetism. My question is, somebody knows if a fermi gas (degenerate electrons) can increase or decrease de total magnetic field due to an influence of an external magnetic field and if somebody have information about that. I know that an external magnetic field...
  4. VonNathan

    I Could somebody tell me good book about degenerate matter ?

    Could somebody tell me good book about degenerate matter ?
  5. V

    Neutron star warm matter - temperature?

    In calculations of quantities in Neutron stars with degenerate matter is usual to set temperature zero. If I'm right it means that pressure of this matter is negligible against pressure due to Pauli principle. But what about situation when the matter is in neutron star locally compressed. How...