eddy current brakes

  1. I

    How to find the Braking Torque of an Eddy Current Braking Setup?

    Homework Statement: Finding the braking torque applied on a moving disk as a result of the Eddy Currents Homework Equations: $$F = \sigma v V B^2$$ So right, Basically my problem is how to find the torque exerted by an eddy current braking setup. My setup consists of a disk rotating on an...
  2. Michael Sofroniou

    Braking Force from Eddy Currents on a Rotating Disk

    Hello! I'm currently working on a project that will utilize the phenomena of eddy currents to apply a braking force to a rotating disk. Some background on this project: My team was tasked to create a physical therapy training device to train patients in wheelchair propulsion at resistances lower...
  3. Khang Vu

    Ansys Maxwell Magnetic Transient Help

    I am trying to simulate a linear eddy current brake. To do this, I am modeling my brake as a single magnet moving above an aluminum plate. I plan to measure the drag force on this magnet and calculate my braking force as a superposition of single magnets. Here's my current setup: Model: A...
  4. S

    I Eddy Current Brake Behavior (Accelerating From Rest)

    Hey guys, So I'm interested in the application of an eddy current brake system as a high intensity shock absorber of some sort. The system would consist of permanent magnets concentrated on a stationary, non ferromagnetic metal. If a sudden, intense force were to act upon the non ferromagnetic...
  5. A

    I need to build an electromagnet to provide 10mN eddy current brake

    Hi I am building a motor tester, for that I need to build a variable load. For which I was planning to use eddy current brake with electromagnet. Please help me to build a electro magnet which can provide more than 10mNm load to a DC motor with rotating disc of 75mm in a RPM of 6500. I tried...