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  1. Praveen1901

    B P-N junction Semiconductors

    I'm new to semiconductors. While I was studying types of biasing in semiconductors, here's what I read - 'In forward biasing, the width of the depletion region is reduced.' Here's what I thought - Since the potential barrier is reduced in the junction due to external potential, the diffusion...
  2. M

    Finding Band Gaps for Dirac Comb Potential

    Homework Statement Find band gaps for Dirac Comb potential $$V = \sum_n aV_0(x-na) $$ Homework Equations Bloch Theorem $$\psi(x+a) = e^{ika}\psi(x)$$ The Attempt at a Solution I can solve exactly up to $$\cos(k a) = \cos(\kappa a) + \frac{2ma^2V_0}{\hbar^2}\frac{\sin(\kappa a)}{\kappa a} =...
  3. C

    Relation between electronic band structure and Fermi energy

    I have some qualitative questions about the relation between band structure, density of states, and Fermi energy (or Fermi level). 1) Say you have a given electronic band structure (energy as a function of k) obtained by any method. How do you relate this to the Fermi energy (or Fermi level) ...