electroweak vacuum

  1. Michael Price

    A Massive gauge bosons in QFT in/out states

    Because massive gauge bosons have a finite half life, are they excluded from the (infinitely, asymptotically remote?) in and out states of QFT? Or, to put it another way, are they restricted to the internal legs of Feynman diagrams, i.e. to being virtual only? We can see W and Z tracks in...
  2. C

    I Cosmological electroweak phase transition

    There is a question that has been bugging and puzzling me for a long time and I wondered if somebody could help me to figure out what the answer is or where I am not thinking straight. Let us assume that the standard model of particle physics is more "right" than "wrong" and there is no such a...
  3. S

    Origin of the value of the vacuum v ~ 246 GeV

    Hi guys, I have a very very simple and naive question, which I hope I shouldn't be ashamed to ask, but I would like to clarify an issue in my mind. We hear everywhere that the value of the ew vacuum is v ~ 246GeV, fixed by the Fermi Constant G_F, v = (\sqrt(2)*G_F)^(-1/2). Now this is also the...