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  1. S

    I Stress as momentum flux

    I'm trtying to get a better understanding of the spatial part of the energy-momentum tensor, and although similar questions have been asked here, I think the point I do not fully grasp has not been covered so far. The stress tensor can be considered as "momentum flux density" tensor. If I...
  2. D

    I Energy-momentum tensor and Friedmann Equations

    Hi everyone, I want to derive the Friedmann equations from Einstein Field Equations. However, I have a problem that stems from the energy-momentum tensor. I am also trying to keep track of ## c^2 ## terms. FRW Metric: $$ ds^2= -c^2dt^2 + a^2(t) \left( {\frac{dr^2}{1-kr^2} + r^2 d\theta^2 + r^2...
  3. D

    I Confusion about derivation for isotropic fluids

    In Woodhouse's 'General Relativity' he finds an expression for the energy-momentum tensor of an isotropic fluid. If W^a is the rest-velocity of the fluid and \rho is the rest density then the tensor can be written as T^{ab} = \rho W^aW^b - p(g^{ab} -W^aW^b) for a scalar field p. The...
  4. V

    Breakdown of correspondence principle: null dust case

    In both quantum and general relativity theories we are used to provide results in the "limited" conditions to demonstrate a correspondence between new and old formalism. For instance deflection of light of a star due to Sun in GR is double the amount given in classical theory. Yet I have...
  5. AwesomeTrains

    Question about the derivation of the energy momentum tensor

    Hey I'm trying to follow the derivation given here: Homework Statement As it says in the pdf: "Based on Noether's theorem construct the energy-momentum tensor for classical electromagnetism from the above Lagrangian. L=-1/4...