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  1. Y

    Engineering Equation for a DC motor driving an arm
  2. B

    Topological insulators and their optical properties

    I have tried to write down the boundary conditions in this case and looked into them. As conditions i) and ii) were trivial, i looked into iii) and iv) for information that I could use. But all I got was that for the transmitted wave to have an angle, the reflective wave should also have an...
  3. Boltzman Oscillation

    How can I create an equation in matlab for image processing?

    Here is the documentation for the 2DFFT: how would I go about creating this formula on matlab to apply it on an image? My guess is that I need to create the equation and then multiply it to the image I need such as: $$U = VI$$ where V is my...
  4. S R Wilder

    Is it the Thévenin theorem?

    I just need the meaning of In.
  5. ArcHorizon

    Physics Modeling of a Gas

    This was the equation that they showed me. I thought P was for pressure, V for Volume, T for Temperature, R for Gas Constant, and n for the number of moles. Was I correct for the initials?
  6. Z

    Time needed for a pressured N2O cylinder to reach the apex of its travel as a projectile...

    Hello, I am trying to understand the maths/physics/chemistry behind this situation. Here is the scenario. I have 8 grams of pressurized N2O in a cylinder at 60 bar/ 900 psi. If the temperature stays constant (let's say 50-70°C, or at a temperature where the N2O can stay as pressurized as...
  7. N

    Python Convert an equation to Python

    I have several equations and need to convert it into Python. The problem is that I tried to plot a graph according to the equation. However, the graph that I get is not the same as the original one. In the paper, the equation of error probability for MIM attack is given by: First Image Second...
  8. komarxian

    Multivariable calculus problem

    Homework Statement Find the points on the surface xy^2z^3=2 that are closest to the origin Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution x,y,z=/= 0, as when x,y,z = 0 it is untrue. Right?? Otherwise, I am very unsure as to how to approach this problem. Should I be taking partial derivatives...
  9. M

    How do I find a plane that contains two given lines?

    Homework Statement a. Find a point at where these lines intersect b. Find the equation of a plane that contains the two lines. Homework Equations r[/B] = <1,3,0> + t<3,-3,2> r = <4,0,2> + s<-3,3,0> The Attempt at a Solution I correctly found the point of intersection to be...
  10. José Ricardo

    Ellipse graphic

    Homework Statement Graph the ellipse 4x² + 2y² = 1 Homework Equations 4x² + 2y² = 1 The Attempt at a Solution 2x² + y²/2 = 1/2 I searched for exercises on Google, and i didn't find an equation like that. I watched videoleassons too but it didn't teach this type of equation.
  11. G

    B Equation for the resolving power of a microscope?

    Hi I'm reading through a Quantum Mechanics textbook called Quantum Mechanics by Book by Alastair I. M. Rae and in the opening chapter it talks about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and talks about how a measurement of position of a particle causes an uncertainty from the momentum due to the...
  12. L

    Range calculation for Airbus A320 aircraft

    Homework Statement Hi to all, the Task I struggle with, is the range calculation from an Airbus A320 with the Breguet Range Equation which is defined as: Homework Equations R = (cl/cd) * (V/(g*SFC)) * ln(w0/w1) with V = velocity g = gravity SFC = specific fuel consumption w0 =...
  13. concernedhuman

    B Is there such a thing as Gm/r?

    Since Fg = Gmm/r2and Coulomb's law being similar to that: Fe = kQq/r2, and we also have E = kQ/r2 and g = Gm/r2 being alike, I was wondering if there's anything that corresponds to the potential equation kQ/r. I converted it myself and figured that it's going to be Gm/r, and I'm not sure if a...
  14. hugo_faurand

    B Equation with modulus

    Hello everyone! I'd like to know if it's possible to solve an equation with a modulus like this one : $$ ( \frac{200}{15x}) mod 2 = 0 $$ Thanks in advance. Regards!
  15. Subrahmanyan

    To find the nature of roots of a quintic equation...

    The asks for us to find the nature of roots of the following equation ,i.e,rational or irrational nature of the roots: the Equation is : x^5+x=5 I have been able to prove that this equation has one positive real root through the use of calculus (it is an increasing function) and the fact that...
  16. pairofstrings

    B What is the connection between x^2 and a square shape?

    Hello. The curve y = x2 is a parabola that looks like this: I have a shape Square that looks like this: What I am noticing is that if I consider the equation y = x2 and also the shape Square, I find that there is no connection between them but the equation y = x2 is pronounced as x-square...
  17. S

    Equation construct (need help please)

    Hello everyone, I need some help (or guidance). I have an equation f(x) = A/(x2). I need to construct the equation g(f(x)) with following conditions: - when f(x) -> 0 then g(f(x)) ->1; - when f(x) -> Fmax then g(f(x))->0; (This is important: there is some fixed Fmax value at which g(f(x))...
  18. B

    Two pencils of planes have a common plane

    Homework Statement Find the value of the parameter α for which the pencil of planes through the straight line AB has a common plane with the pencil of planes through the straight line CD, where A(1, 2α, α), B(3, 2, 1), C(−α, 0, α) and D(−1, 3, −3). Homework Equations Let Δ be a line given by...
  19. shintashi

    B Equations vs. Functions Quadratic and Cubic?

    So if i take the rules that a straight vertical line drawn through the function with more than one intersection implies it is not a function, to mean that the quadratic equation for a circle is not a function. Furthermore, it also implies a cubic equation, such as x^3 can be a function, because...
  20. D

    B Showing/proving a physical relationship

    I derived a relationship between frequency and tension of a string, accounting for tension's effect in the linear density of the string. So in a nutshell, the equation is more complicated and is in the form of f^2=aT^2+bT (f is frequency, T is tension, ab are constants involving the control...
  21. R

    Creating system of equations from word problem optimization

    I have this word problem, and was wondering how I would go about creating a system of equations. Here is the question: Problem: You are a small forest landowner, and decide you want to sustainably harvest some of timber on your property. There are costs related to the infrastructure needed to...
  22. A

    I Empirical equation from two variables (1 input and 1 output)

    Hi, I have empirical data from my experiments. There are 2 columns of data (2 interdependent variables- temperature and viscosity).. 1 column (temperature) is input variable (temp. of tested material, once it was melted, it was gradually increased during the experiment). 1 column (viscosity)...
  23. SemM

    A How does one "design" a PDE from a physical phenomenon?

    Hi, I have read some on the PDEs for fluids, and particularly for rogue waves, where for instance the extended Dysthe equation and the NLSE look rather intimidating: Take for instance the Non-linear Schrödinger eqn: \begin{equation} \frac{\partial^2 u}{dx^2}-i\frac{\partial d...
  24. G

    Potential Energy Change

    Homework Statement A 95-kg mountain climber hikes up a mountain to an elevation of 5000 m. What is the change in the climber's potential energy? Homework Equations I might be missing something but here's everything that might be relevant: w=fx p=w/t p=f*v KE=1/2mv^2 PEg=mgh PEe=1/2kx^2 Wnet=E...
  25. G

    B What is the relation of mass and power?

    How should power be calculated in a situation where distance and time are both given, as well as mass. At first, I was thinking of just using W=Fx (force as mass x 9.8) to solve for work, and then I would take the solution for work and put it into P=wt. Does this make sense? That's my best...
  26. S

    A Solving the Schrödinger equation for free electrons

    Dear all, sorry I made a new post similar to the previous post "Initial conditions..", however, a critical point was missed in the previous discussion: The initial conditions y(0)=1 and y'(0)=0 are fine and help in solving the Schrödinger equation, however, studying free electrons, the equation...
  27. S

    LaTeX Split up a horrible equation

    Hi, how do I split up this horrible equation into several lines? given in latex code: \Psi_2=...
  28. A

    Solution of an exponential equation

    Homework Statement I am trying to solve an equation. 128^b - 127^b = 147.058. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have tried numerical methods like Bisection method and Newton-Raphson, but I need analytical solution. Thank you.
  29. Alexander350

    B Solving a differential equation with a unit vector in it

    I need to solve: \dot{\mathbf{r}}=-kv\hat{r} - \dot{\mathbf{r}_s} However, I do not know how to deal with the fact that there is a unit vector. How can this be done? \dot{\mathbf{r}_s} is a constant vector.