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  1. hamad12a

    I How Peskin & Schroeder simplified this horrible product of bilinears?

    P&S had calculated this expression almost explicitly, except that I didn't find a way to exchange the $$\nu \lambda$$ indices, but I'm sure the below identity is used, $$ \begin{aligned}\left(\overline{u}_{1 L} \overline{\sigma}^{\mu} \sigma^{\nu} \overline{\sigma}^{\lambda} u_{2...
  2. Radwan Parvez

    A Neutrino Electron Scattering In The Standard Model Approach

    Previously I posted a problem concerning Electron-neutrino scattering, but as I couldn't describe the problem clearly, so I am trying to post the problem using latex codes to present it in the correct way. For a couple of months, I am trying to calculate the invariant amplitude of the Neutrino...
  3. T

    How do Peskin/Schroeder derive 2-component Fierz identities?

    On page 51 Peskin and Schroeder are beginning to derive basic Fierz interchange relations using two-component right-handed spinors. They start by stating the trivial (but tedious) Pauli sigma identity...