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  1. C

    Is Specific impulse indicative of performance as a gun propellant?

    Black powder has specific impulse of around 80s, while rocket candy has up to 130s of specific impulse. Does that mean I could replace the propellant in a BP cartridge with 80/130 of the weight in rocket candy and obtain the same performance in an idealized gun? (as in without considering...
  2. chemisthypnos

    Why are triple base propellants not used in firearms?

    I would think that the use of triple base propellants in hand-held weapons, such as assault rifles or pistols, would be greatly beneficial as its use would remove the muzzle flash. Also, it would decrease wear-and-tear on the weapon itself, I would think. I have found some people saying that...
  3. T

    Equations associated with calculating velocity of a bullet.

    Hello, I'm currently doing a project on a Verne gun, and I'd just like to know which equations I should know in order to explain such a device. How do i calculate velocity, efficiency of the launch, how the gas laws play into the efficiency, since it should be traveling at 10s of kilometers a...