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  1. tworitdash

    MATLAB Creating and recovering a frequency shift in time domain in MATLAB

    I am trying to simulate and process the Doppler signals. My main problem is a little more complex so I am only posting a simple version of it. Task1: I have a time-domain signal with the velocity of the target as mu. I need to change the velocity to mu cos(theta) where theta is a vector from 0...
  2. R

    Frequency to temporal period conversion

    I am working with signals that look like the following. The curve has the same form in both frequency and time domain. I am trying to calculate the ratio of two distances: The distance between two adjacent red "x"s (known as the free spectral range (FSR)). The distance between two adjacent...
  3. W

    Natural/resonant frequency

    Hi all, Wanted to get some insight on a technical level as to what are the most fundamental factors which influence a materials natural frequency? Looking for theory based insight not impirical characteristics.
  4. S

    Doppler effect with moving medium but no relative motion

    I would like to be sure about one case of the use of Doppler effect with sound waves. If the medium (in the case of sound air) is moving, but there is no relative motion between the observer and the source there is no Doppler effect at all. (And the absence of relative motion is...
  5. ryanuser

    Simple harmonic motion problem

    Homework Statement A body performaning simple harmonic motion has a displacement x given by the equation x= 30 sin 50t, where t is the time in seconds. what is the frequency of the oscillation? Answers are: A. 0.020Hz B. 0.13Hz C. 8.0Hz D. 30Hz E. 50Hz (correct...
  6. P

    Speed of sound problem

    I have a question to solve - A boy heard a sound of frequency 100 Hz at a distance of 500 m from the source of sound. What is the speed of sound? What is the time period of oscillating particles of the medium? I have approached the below way : We know that speed = distance / time...
  7. B

    How does Voice Recognition work?

    How does Voice-Recognition work? Not, Speech recognition but voice. Like I would know Justin Bieber's voice with out seeing his face. Like if he had a new song and I did not know about it and I heard it in the car while driving, I would know that it was Justin Bieber. How does that work ? I...