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    B What is going on at LIGO/VIRGO?

    Why no new data? No news of any problems that I have heard. I'm both mystified and concerned. Jim Graber
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    I Gravitational wave detection

    Hi, a simple question related to the gravitational wave detection. The net effect of gravitational wave is basically the stretching of the space including all the measurements tools (meter sticks just to illustrate the concept) that could be used to detect it. I am aware of laser...
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    I Is the speed of gravitational waves non- dispersive?

    Dear all, In a recent talk, I have heard that speed of gravitational waves is non-dispersive. How is it proved "observationally" in LIGO detections that all the frequencies travel with the same speed, so one can say the speed is non-dispersive?
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    B Gravitational wave signal duration

    I have a question about why the duration of the gravitational wave signal detected by LIGO was 0.25 seconds or so. I think I understand correctly that as the two binary black holes rotate around each other and move closer together there is a loss of angular momentum that is converted to...