image charge method

  1. Raihan amin

    Induced surface charge distribution

    Two identical metalic spherical conductor of radii ##R## are at a distance ##d## apart.One of the conductor has charge ##Q## while the another one is neutral.What will be the induced charge on the other conductor ? If we put an image charge ##q## inside the neutral one. Then the potential at...
  2. G

    System of multiple conductors: image method

    Homework Statement The following figure represent the traversal cut of a system with two cylindrical equal conductors of radius r0 length l at a distance d from one another and at the same distance h of a plane conductor (conductor zero). The dielectric that surrounds the conductors is the air...
  3. K

    I Electric field created by point charges and conducting plane

    I came upon this: question on Physics Stackexchange which I found very interesting. The configuration is basically two positive point charges q and...
  4. M

    Induced Charge on a Grounded Sphere

    Homework Statement A point charge q is located a distance d away from the centre of a grounded conducting sphere of radius R<d. I need to find the charge density on the sphere and the total induced charge on the sphere. This is very similar to example 2 here...
  5. A

    Image charge method to find Green's function

    hi guys, my professor told me in the class that when we would like to determine green function there are two general method i.e using image charge and using orthonormal eigen function. However I don't understand what are the specific differences between them. Anybody can help me? Moreover in the...
  6. A

    Green's Function Using Image Charge

    Homework Statement Write an expression for the Dirichlet Green's function of the part of the space bounded by two infinite conducting plates parallel each other and separated by distance of d. Use Image charge method Homework Equations G (at z=0) =0, G (at z=d) =0 I guess The Attempt at a...