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    Electrophysiology Quick Homework Problems

    Homework Statement Hi guys, I've been trying to solve these two questions for the last hour and can't seem to find the solution, any help would be very much appreciated. :smile: 1. An RC circuit is given a step voltage (charging) of V at t = 0 seconds. What is the value of voltage at t = 2RC...
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    Fuel Cells; PEMFC; Cause of Proton Movement

    Lately i've started learning about fuel cells, particularly proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), and a fairly basic question that has been bugging me is: Since the cathode is positive, it is clear why the electrons flow through the load and to the cathode, but why do the...
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    Drift tube ion mobility spectrometer

    Hello PF, thanks for having me here. I am working in chemistry and we are building a atmospheric pressure drift tube ion mobility spectrometer. The drift tube consists of 20 stacked stainless steel electrodes insulated by PTFE spacers connected via a resistor chain (voltage divider) to produce...