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  1. B

    KCL got declined in Norton circuit of an ideal amplifier circuit

    Hi. Let's say we have a circuit like that, and we want to find the Thevenin/Norton circuit from a and b points. So for Vth, we calculate the Voc, in which we remove the 2K ohm resistor and calculate the Voc. I calculated it correctly. But I have problem in calculating the Norton current. So in...
  2. A

    Engineering Confusing circuit analysis question

    Hi I have the following situation: (Please see attached pic) I want to know if equation (4) i have written is correct. What is confusing me is that, I remember being told in circuit analysis that each energy storage element should have its own state variable. But in this situation when I...
  3. I

    How to find Voltages and currents of the following circuit

    Homework Statement The circuit of the given problem is attached to this post (jpg file). All info is given in the photo. Problem: find VA, VB, IA. Homework Equations Ohms law KCL equations P = VI or V^2/R The Attempt at a Solution - First, I noted that VB = 9 - VA. - next, i set up a KCL...
  4. B

    KCL Problem with Dependant sources

    Homework Statement I'm trying to find the voltage drop V1 of the following circuit, assuming Vin=1v, and for the life of me can't seem to get the right answer. Homework Equations KCL, Ohm's law The Attempt at a Solution I basically tried to use KCL at the top node, Vin/2+2V1 = V1/3 +...
  5. D

    Nodal analysis question

    While performing nodal analysis problems, I am always unsure of which node gets subtracted from during KCL. For example, if I have (V1-V2)/2k, how do I know that it shouldn't be (V2-V1)/2k?
  6. Martin V.

    Direction of current when performing KCL

    Who do I know the direction of the current flow, when I make nodal analysis?