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  1. topologyfreak

    How to learn physics if I know calculus but zero physics?

    Hi, I have decided I like to learn some physics as I know absolutely zero physics and also including chemistry or biology, and I’d like to learn a bit of all 3, to the high school level perhaps. It seems that from, what I’ve read if I want to learn chemistry, I’ll first have to know physics, and...
  2. Felix Gonzales

    Other Should I drop physics?

    I love physics. Well, modern physics mostly, still physics though. It's amazing seeing how much there is we don't know and how we got to understand what we do know today. I think the concepts are crazy, cool and fun. If I didn't know better, I'd say modern physics truly sounds like pure fiction...
  3. C

    Studying How to get at least an A-?

    What're the best strategies or techniques you've used in order to get at least an A- in any given class?
  4. Avatrin

    C/++/# Learning C/C++ through exercises

    I often find it quite frustrating to learn a programming language through a book; I always find myself skipping through huge parts of the book I have to read before moving onto the exercises. That was the main reason I did not ace my Python exam at university; I was told to use syntax I hadn't...
  5. entropy1

    B After the 'Theoretical minimum' series, what is essential to know about QM?

    The adagium of most quantumphysics-afficionado's is: "Shut up and calculate" - 'learn the formalism'. So I started with Leonard Susskind's 'Theoretical minimum' textbooks. So now I know a little (very little) about the formalism, I started to wonder to which extent I have to go to educate...
  6. P

    Chemistry Chemistry Tutorial Series

    Hi, I would like to learn chemistry, and I am self taught. I would like to learn chemistry to the point, where if i see a chemical equation, I then know exactly what I need to do to synthesize it, and was wondering if anyone could provide any resources for me to do that. Thank you very much...
  7. liam levi

    Studying Interested in physics books

    i'm in middles school and am really interested in physics. i've already read a brief history of time and elementary physics. i am interested if any of you have other book suggestion that would teach me physics. thank you in advance.
  8. I

    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a high school student that hopes to be a physicist one day and I'm part of a special science and math focused program in a public high school, which was started to promote STEM. It's a relatively prestigious and very rigorous program with a full on research project...
  9. F

    The Top Ten Concepts I need to teach my kids?

    Hi What are the key concepts of Maths and Physics that every parent should ensure their kids know? Major focus of this I am concentrating on is one a strong basis for them to be informed and backed with key knowledge to allow them to be curious and explore and learn.
  10. I

    Is maths easier to learn on your own compared to physics?

    Hi, I remember reading a bio on Robert Langland a few weeks ago and he said that when the time came for him to decide his major in school, he chose maths instead of physics. He said that he found maths easier to learn on his own when compared to physics, and this seemed to have an influence on...