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    B Take on Length Contraction at relativistic speeds

    Hello everyone and apologize if my questions seem a bit off, please have patience with me. I want to have the following, rather simple, thought experiment. Let's say that we have a moving object O with the proper length L, when at rest. Let's say that object O starts moving at 0.9c (90% the...
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    I Length Expansion in the opposite direction

    SR says that there is length contraction in the direction of movement. This works nicely for light going from the back of the ship to the front. From my perspective, the ship is moving away but that is offset by the ship's contraction. But things get tricky for light going from the front of the...
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    B Distance expansion when we move away from an object?

    In a physics video on YouTube it's told that moving away from an object causes eextension of the length. (Link: from 6:00, but video is Norwegian) Imagine: From planet B to planet C, the distance is 20 light years. And from planet A to planet B the distance is 20 light years. We are on...